County Walk Challenge

The 2017 KCHC County Challenge Walk will be held on September 16!  Check the flyers below for the location in your county.

Bullitt County:

Henry County:

Oldham County:

Metcalfe County:

Shelby County:

Spencer County:

Trimble County:


The Annual County Walk Challenge was held on Saturday, September 3, 2016 in Shelby County, September 10, 2016 in Henry, Oldham, Trimble, Barren, Hart and Metcalfe Counties, September 17, 2016 in Bullitt County.  Shelby, Bullitt, Henry, Oldham, Trimble, Barren, Hart and Metcalfe Counties challenged members of their communities to get active and the county with the most steps wins a trophy!!!  The winning county will be announced here when all steps have been added.  Update:  The trophy for the County Challenge Walk was presented to Oldham County with 251,188 steps.  Henry: 142,239 steps; Shelby: 110,278 steps; Bullitt: 94,530 steps; Trimble: 7,055 steps.

Bullitt County Judge Executive Melanie Roberts and Jessica Craddock, Bullitt County Community Organizer, gather their walkers.

Pictured above: The winners of the Healthy Oldham County Walk 2016.

Pictured above:  The winners of the Bullitt County Diabetes Walk